“Thank you so much. My plane could have been sold three times on the first ad. The plane was immaculate and was bought by the first person who looked at it. Three others wanted it but could not get down from Queensland. Thank you, your paper hits the right people.” – Peter Pigott

“Thought I’d drop you a line and say thanks for the advertising. I’m glad to report ZYX sold pretty much straight away, and for asking price. There was a lot of demand from people who saw the ad.” – Scott Bretland

“No need to put my Lycoming Engine in the print edition as I sold it today, via the internet advert you did for me.” – Rob Corben

“Would you be able to take my ad down early? I have already sold this aircraft because of the advertising in the Trader.”– Russell Nobbs

“A quick note to say thank you very much for the advertising services provided. We placed the ad in late October, had the aircraft under contract by mid-November, and completed the sale mid-December. Your publication also has global reach because our buyer was in Canada but found us via Aviation Trader.” – Qwilton Biel

“Advertising in the Aviation Trader has made the sale of all 17 blocks occur quickly, as it is not just limited to Victoria but Australia wide which is very beneficial.”– Sharon, Lethbridge Airport

“Thank you. For the record I had the plane listed with yourselves and another site. The ratio of enquiries was about 5 to 1 in your favour and the sale was made from the ad on your website.” – Brian

“Just want to let you that I have sold the plane – people saw it as a Latest Listing on your website and it sold within the first week – even before the paper was printed! Thank you very much.”– Mark Minnis

“I would definitely recommend using Aviation Trader to anyone wanting to buy or sell aviation equipment and I appreciate the assistance you have provided to me.” – Tina Lamattina

“We will not require extension of the ad as we have had a great response” – HR Advisor, Minderoo

“No need to rerun the ad as the aircraft was sold before the last issue came out in print. Your Latest Listing web deal really works. Guess this illustrates when you have the goods, with Aviation Trader’s help – selling aircraft is easy!” – Kym Redman

“No need to re-run my ad. Our aircraft sold after the buyer saw the ad in Aviation Trader” – Marc Nell

“Just a short note to say that I’ve sold my Cessna 172. I advertised it in the Aviation Trader and had my first phone call within 2 weeks.The aircraft was sold with that one call at advertised price. I’m happy and the new owner is also very happy. I will tell my friends that the Aviation Trader is the only way to go. Thanks again.” – Gus Shea

“I have sold the Arrow in response to your advertisement. This was something of a surprise given the present market and the low cost of buying and importing from the USA. Thanks again!” – Bevan Slater

“Don’t repeat the ad – it was so successful and we have let the hangar. Many thanks!” – Angela Burger

“Your ad worked a treat and my 170 is now sold. Please arrange to cancel the Classified Ad that I had requested – it sold as a result of the Featured Aircraft ad. Many thanks, your publication works!” – Arthur Johnson

“Very impressed with your coverage – had five enquiries in the first week, even from overseas. So yes, once again, many thanks.” – Ian Gilmour

“Thanks for your help with the sale of my Cirrus , I will be sure to use your services for my next sale.” – David Green

“Just to let you know my Bonanza has been sold and it was from the ad in Aviation Trader. Your publication was the only advertising medium that generated serious prospective buyers for me and all without the time wasting internet offshore finance scams, property swaps etc. Thanks guys. ” – Dean Rowley

“Hi. The aircraft sold today so please cancel the ad. Thanks for your good service which has helped me sell my second aircraft in 4 years.” – Darren Heiberg

“G’day Team! Thanks for the reminder, no need to re-advertise as I am just off the phone from speaking to my new tenant who just agreed to rent my Jandakot hangar. I believe he responded to my advertisement in Aviation Trader. Thanks very much!” – John Davis

“The response to our positions vacant ad was overwhelming – 70 applications received so far, more anticipated. I’m not sure if this is usual or unusual but if it’s the sort of response you get when you advertise a position vacant in Aviation Trader then I’m surprised more businesses don’t use your publication – really powerful stuff!” – Anthony Boucaut – CEO, Skydive the Beach

“No need to run the ad again – sold SHL today. Aviation Trader works!” – John Borserio

“Wow! had a great response. SOLD all the DH82A Tiger Moth stuff on the weekend. Another feather in the cap for AT. ” – Ian Robertson

“Congratulations on the latest edition of Aviation Trader, it is the best ever. Your magazine has come of age and is a credit to all the people who put it together. It keeps me informed of what’s available and what’s new in the market. Keep up the good work. ” – Warwick Johnson

“Looks like it’s sold! Not settled yet but indications are that it will. Aviation Trader has provided excellent service and has always been responsive to calls and enquiries – you have a good team! ” – Brad Wilson, CEO, Albany Port Authority

“Just thought I would drop you a line and say thanks for the issues of Aviation Trader. Having two copies was fantastic – managed to read one myself while they fought over the other! Thanks again, I look forward to future issues. ” – Brad Ogden, Woodside Energy

“Thanks for your email. The advertisement was very easy to place (unlike some other websites we have tried) and we will certainly keep you in mind for future advertisements ” – Russell Cunningham, CASA

“Just received the latest issue of Aviation Trader and noted the promo for QVAG’s ‘Festival of Flight’. Having expected it to appear (if at all) in black and white, suffice to say that I was blown away with the full colour rendition. Very, very, very appreciative of this and I am indebted to your kind consideration. Absolutely fabulous!! ” – Craig Justo, Aero Aspects

“My husband has been buying me Aviation Trader for about four years. In the May edition we saw an advertisement for a Grumman Tiger and embarked on an interesting trip from Melbourne to Bundaberg to view the Tiger. Of course we bought her and flew her back last Friday. I will have to coax my husband to look for his own plane now! ” – Delia Jones

“Further to our conversation yesterday I can give you a brief comment to sum up our reaction to our April advertisement in Aviation Trader: ‘We have had an overwhelming response” – Hayden Ryan, Ryan Aircraft Sales

“Thank you! Service ‘above and beyond’! I will be broadcasting the fact that good old fashioned service is alive and well at the Trader! ” – David Hobbs

“Sold the Grumman AAIA Trainer on the second phone call; had a call every single day. It was incredible ” – Denis Gracie

“Just thought I would let you know that the classified advertisement for my Cessna 210N placed in the July issue proved to be very effective. I received a phone call within hours of circulation and sold it on the spot. ” – Harvey Felton

“The ad worked……sold yesterday, delivered tommorrow. Cancel for the next issue and THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!! ” – Phil Wilson

“Thanks. I have now sold two aircraft through your publication (one Katana in 03 and now the SR20 last month) making it possible to complete the next purchase, an SR22. ” – Andrew Miedecke

“Thanks. We had a fantastic response to the ad, the aircraft literally flew out the door! ‘ – Ben Wilson

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