When and how often is Aviation Trader printed?
Aviation Trader is printed monthly generally on the first Tuesday of each new month.

How is Aviation Trader circulated?
Our principal mode is direct mail but we also distribute through the National newsagency network and, by request, to leading pilot shops and Aero Clubs. We begin primary circulation on the first working day after each new edition is printed, normally the first Wednesday of each month. We deliver retail circulation to our distributor on the first Wednesday of the month but newsagencies may not receive their copies for retail sale until late the following week.

Who gets a copy of Aviation Trader?
You will find full details of our current circulation by clicking the ‘about us’ tab and then the ‘our publication’ tab.

How many copies are printed each month?
Our average print run is currently 14,850.

Can I get a back issue of Aviation Trader?
Yes. We keep a limited number of issues on site for 2 years. You can call us and we’ll check our stock. If we have the issue you need, we’ll happily mail it out to you. You can also view and search back issues on line if you subscribe to our digital edition.

How do I place an advertisement in Aviation Trader?
You can register as an advertiser and submit your ad through this website or phone, fax or email the details through to us. We are happy to accept the method of communication that’s most convenient for you.

If I choose to lodge an advertisement using the website, how will you know who I am?
Part of the registration process is to enter your address and contact details. When you register for the first time we’ll receive an alert to advise us that you’ve registered. We will keep the details you provide in a secure database file.

How will you know when I have lodged an advertisement using the website?
Each time you submit and ad using our website, the ad will immediately appear in our production files as an addition. We constantly monitor these files and will pick up new ad submissions as they appear. We also receive an email alert.

What is the deadline for booking an advertisement?
We need to receive your ad booking by 5PM on the last Thursday of each month. If you are supplying raw material (text and images in unset form) we must receive it with your booking. If you are supplying finished art in pdf and you give us a confirmed ad size before our booking deadline, we can extend the material deadline by up to 72 hrs.

Can I book an advertisement to appear in more than I issue?
Yes, you can. If you are requesting a placement by email or phone, just let us know which issues you would like your ad to appear in. If you lodge your ad through the website you can only nominate the first month in which you would like your ad to appear. Following receipt of your submission however, we will contact you to confirm the placement cost at which time you can nominate additional months or a ‘run until cancelled’ arrangement.

I’m waiting to confirm important information to place in my advertisement but the deadline is fast approaching. What should I do?
We suggest that you lodge your ad without the pending information. If you do this we can register your ad for inclusion and create the necessary booking. If you are lodging an ad via email or by phone, let us know what information you are yet to confirm. If you are submitting your ad through the website, include a note at the foot of the text box to alert us. If we haven’t received the missing information by deadline expiry, we’ll give you a call to discuss how best to deal with the situation. We do this no matter how you chose to submit your ad. We can most likely allocate the space required for your ad if the missing information is not extensive, and then consider extending our material deadline to accommodate your needs.

What if I miss the deadline?
If you miss a deadline we will do our best to include your ad on a ‘space available’ basis. We ask that you give us a call before you lodge your material so that we can determine how best to meet your needs.

What style of advertisement can I choose?
We offer both classified or display advertising. Classified ads are ‘line’ ads listed by category in the Classified section of the print publication. Ads are set using Helvetica 9 pt, with a line length of 6 cm. Limited formatting is available on request. A colour image can also be included. Display ads are ‘boxed’ ads independently placed throughout the print publication. We can include photographs, logos or other graphics and present your display ad in mono (black and white), single colour or in full colour.

How do I know which advertising style to choose?
Both ad styles offer unique benefits. The choice is mostly yours but remember it may be better to opt for the display format if you have a large amount of text or more than one image to include in your ad. Remember too that if you are lodging a holiday destination, employment, training or endorsement ad we can only offer you a display format. If you need to know more or would like advice or a recommendation, please give us a call.

Can I get help with the content and design of my advertisement?
Yes. We currently offer a complimentary layout service designed to help our clients develop advertising concepts and effective presentations.

What will my advertisement cost?
The actual cost is governed by ad size, style and whether or not you choose to include a photo, colour or colours. We are happy to work to a budget and provide you with a cost estimate before you proceed with an ad placement. If you would like to estimate the cost of an ad yourself, you can view our current rates by pressing the ‘advertise’ tab and then the ‘rates’ tab.

Where will my advertisement appear in the print edition?
Aviation Trader is primarily a free format publication but we do have specific sections for Featured Aircraft ads, Classified ads, Holiday Destination ads, Real Estate ads, Employment ads and Training and Endorsements ads.

Will my advertisement appear on Aviation Trader’s website?
Yes. When you book and pay for a print ad, your listing will be loaded to our website before the Friday following print publication. Your ad will remain there until the next issue is printed, generally 4 weeks, unless you ask us to remove it.

If I book and pay for a print ad can I have my advertisement uploaded to the website immediately?
Yes, we offer a ‘latest listing’ service expressly for this purpose. Latest listings appear at the head of each browse sub category and are uniquely identified. Advertisers with a confirmed print booking can opt to place their ad as a latest listing for a small additional fee. If you select this option your ad will appear on the web as soon as we have your approval to proceed. It will revert to a standard ad listing when we publish the next print edition.

How will my advertisement be found on Aviation Trader’s website?
When you submit your ad you will be asked to choose a listing category and sub category. Web viewers can either browse ads by category and sub category or enter a search word or search phrase that will return listings that meet the nominated search criteria.

What should I do if my contact details are not those that I want to appear in my advertisements?
If you are lodging via email or phone, please let us know. If you choose to lodge your ad through our website, there is provision to nominate contact details that may not be your own.

Can I advertise on the Aviation Trader Website but not in the print edition?
It’s not currently our policy as the website is maintained as a value add for our print advertisers.We do however look at each request on a case by case basis and if the circumstances warrant, particularly where there is a need to access the market place between print editions, we are happy to assist. Generally speaking we want our clients to support the print edition which is, incidentally, the medium of choice for over 95% of our readers.

How do I change my contact or address details?
You can phone, fax or email your changes to us or you can log on to our website and click the ‘manage my profile’ tab. Simply make the necessary change or changes and then press the ‘save changes’ button. This will automatically update your database file.

How do I re-run and make changes to an advertisement that appeared in a past edition of Aviation Trader?
You can give us your instructions and advise any changes by phone, fax or email. You can also request a re-run advise a change on our website. Log in then press the ‘manage my ads’ tab. Click the ‘print ready’ tab then click on the ad you would like to re-run. Nominate the edition in which you would like to re-run it, and click the ‘re-run’ tab.

If you scroll to the foot of the page you will see an ‘ad feedback’ box in which you can record and submit any changes you would like to make.

How do I pay for my advertisement?
Our payment options are credit card (Visa and Mastercard) or bank transfer. If you choose the bank transfer option and you don’t have an established account facility with us, we must receive your payment prior to publication. If you choose to pay by credit card we will debit your card when each issue of your choice has been published.

Will I receive a paid invoice or receipt?
Yes. We will email you an invoice marked paid in the week following print publication. If you prefer to receive your invoice by mail, please let us know.

How do I get a free copy of Aviation Trader each month?
You need to own an aircraft on either the Australian or New Zealand register, hold an AOC or C of A or in New Zealand be a registered Maintenance, Training or Design organisation.

Do I have a choice of publishing format?
Yes, the choice is yours. We publish in both print and digital format.

If I’m not qualified to receive a free copy of Aviation Trader what are my options?
You can purchase an annual subscription or buy the current issue at many leading newsagencies and selected pilot shops. Please give us a call if you would like to know the location of your nearest stockist.

What if I qualify for free distribution but I’m not receiving Aviation Trader?
There could be a couple of reasons. If you are new to the CASA or CAA register or you have applied to transfer a registration, there is often a delay between the time the regulator receives your application and the time the register is updated. It could also be that we don’t have your correct mailing address. Please send us an email or give us a call to check or confirm your details.

How do I notify you of a change of address?
There are several ways. You can complete and return (mail or fax) the change of address section on the mailing sheet that accompanies each monthly issue or provide us with your new address details by phone or email. You can also manage your details on line if you are registered site user. All you have to do is log in and click the ‘manage my profile’ tab. Simply make the necessary change or changes and then press the ‘save changes’ button.

What is audited distribution?
Twice a year we forward details of our circulation to the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) a leading media audit bureau. These records are independently audited and verified, the results being subsequently published. We do this to provide you with a guarantee that our circulation is genuine. Currently we are one of only three aviation publications that have independently verified circulation statistics.

What is an audited website?
An audited website is a website where volumes of web traffic (including unique browsers and page impressions) and visit durations are measured independently. Again, we have chosen the Audited Media Association of Australia to audit our website and provide independently verified results. We are the only aviation publication that currently has it’s web traffic independently audited.

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