About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting this section of our website. Aviation Trader is a unique monthly publication that has served the Aviation communities of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific since 1988. Our distribution is strategically targeted to attract maximum response and now exceeds 14,000. Our business is modelled on and driven by four guiding principles:

1     Helping you maximise the value of your advertising dollar

Our commitment is to drive your advertising dollar by:
• Ensuring that our advertising rates are competitive and cost effective,
• Ensuring that our circulation remains well targeted and that our readership is relevant,
• Ensuring that our presentation is attractive and that our content remains ‘sales’ specific.

2     Helping to present your message in the most effective way

We invite you to take advantage of our professional layout service designed to help clients develop advertising concepts and effective presentations. We know the industry and can help tailor your message to attract a positive response from your chosen target market.

3     Helping to make advertising easier

Our commitment is to make the process of advertising a product or service easier by:
• Assisting with the preparation of artwork,
• Accepting advertising material in either draft or finished format and by phone or e-mail,
• Optimising the dimensions of your advertisement,
• Tailoring and managing placement schedules.

4     Helping to grow your business

We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership put in place to drive sales by creating strategic product and service awareness within the aviation industry market place. We want to believe that our reputation as a successful and respected marketing publication will, by association, present our clients with the opportunity to experience strong and sustainable business growth.

Our History

The History of Aviation Trader

Aviation Trader was launched in 1988 to fill the need for an effective general aviation advertising medium. The majority of general aviation advertising was carried in the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) monthly magazine, with the remainder shared between a number of publications including a weekly aviation feature run by The Australian newspaper, Aircraft News (a Peter Isaacson monthly now defunct), Australian Aviation, Aircraft & Aerospace, and Australian Flying. Individually, these publications served their constituencies well, but it was felt that none provided optimum circulation demographics for aviation goods and service providers. The ‘tabloid’ format was selected over magazine format because it allowed short deadlines, reasonable printing and distribution costs and a distinctive appearance. The concept of an ‘advertising only’ aviation publication was pioneered by the successful US tri-monthly publication Trade-a-Plane, which has been in production since 1936.

In developing a business plan for a similar publication for the Australian market, limited financial resources made it essential that it delivered satisfactory results for advertisers within the first few issues. The plan was based upon direct mail, complimentary circulation to key decision makers within the industry. The group selected included the owners of all aircraft on the Australian Aircraft Register and the principals of all organisations approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to carry out aircraft maintenance. This gave an immediate circulation of around 6,000 copies.

A promotional edition was printed in October 1988. It consisted of 16 pages of complimentary advertising. 20,000 copies were distributed at the Bicentennial Air Show at Richmond. The responses received by advertisers were sufficiently encouraging to commit to a production launch with the December, 1988 edition. Advertisers reported “outstanding” levels of response to their advertising and many committed to ongoing advertising. The success of this first issue, both in financial terms and in advertiser enthusiasm, guaranteed the viability of the publication.

In 1991, national distribution to newsagencies commenced and in 1997 a website was launched, giving the publication an on line presence. The plan for ‘Aviation Trader Online’ was to initially develop a tool to attract additional advertisers to the hard copy publication. Thus all advertisements appearing in each issue of the printed publication were also made available on line at no additional charge. Currently our website is viewed by more than 22,000 unique visitors and page views now exceed 275,000.

Who we are

Our Team

We are a dedicated team committed to best business practice.

Editor and Publisher: Kevin Gosling
Business Manager: Tony Shaw
Advertising Manager – Display: Lisa Johnstone
Advertising Manager – Classifieds: Aurelia Hill
Finance Manager: Carolyn Lindwall
Admin Ass’t / Graphic Designer Charlotte Howells
Digital Assets Manager: Janine Robinson
Client Relations Manager: Janine Robinson

Our Publication

Page Layouts

Aviation Trader is a free format tabloid style publication. Because we accept advertising in most sizes, our final layout is not determined until late in the weekend following each deadline. We are therefore unable to confirm exact locations for sections or general display advertisements until a final layout is completed. If you are (or propose to be) a regular advertiser with a high anticipated spend we would be happy to consider a fixed location on a ‘space available’ basis.

Corporate Goals

Our corporate goals are:

• To maintain market leadership using quality, innovation, technology and best business practice as key drivers,
• To maximise strategic market awareness and in doing so provide clients with a platform capable of delivering fast, tangible and effective results,
• To develop sophisticated marketing techniques designed to maximise product value and deliver higher advertising rates of response,
• To pursue and develop new markets and customer relationships,
• To maintain a high quality customer relationship program that creates goodwill, delivers additional value and strengthens the bond between ourselves and our clients.

Current Distribution

Aviation Trader is currently distributed monthly to:

All owners of aircraft on the Australian Register,
• All Air Operator Certificate Holders and All Certificate of Approval Holders,
• 2,300 Owners of aircraft on the New Zealand Register,
• All air operators and all maintenance, training and design organisations on the New Zealand Register,
• The Australian Newsagency Network (3,850),
• 450 third party subscribers,
• Selected Aero Clubs and FBO’s nationwide, and more recently, strategic outlets in South East Asia,
• Senior executives in a growing number of government and non-government enterprises.

Total distribution is 14,500, and AMAA audited circulation (September 2019) is 11,710.


Display Advertising

We carry display advertising from as small as 4cms X 3.5cms to as large as full page (38cms X 26.3cms) in full colour, spot colour or mono. If you do not have competed artwork, we invite you to take advantage of our professional layout service designed to help clients develop advertising concepts and effective presentations. We know the industry and can help tailor your message to attract a positive response from your chosen target market.

Classified Advertising

We carry classified advertisements from as small as 1 line and offer a comprehensive range of categories.

Web Advertising

We have strategically placed space available throughout our web site for aviation or allied industry advertisers wishing to promote a specific product, service or initiative. Contact us for further details including a schedule of availability.

Express Web Uploads

We are now in a position to offer an express web upload service. This allows us to present advertisements in text or display format in a “real time” environment. This service will suit advertisers who may have missed a monthly deadline or who wish to give themselves the opportunity to promote or sell a product between issues.


We are happy to centre insert promotional mailers with an overall weight not exceeding 120gms. Contact us for a quotation, optimum dimensions and a current insertion schedule.

Fly Sheet Advertising

Each monthly publication is circulated to our mailing database using an A4 size address sheet. This sheet is inserted flat. Space can be reserved up to 9cms x 8cms on this address sheet. We see this as a front line opportunity to send a brand message or to establish or reinforce your brand(s). This space can be secured exclusively for a minimum of 3 and up to 12 issues. We would be happy to tailor a periodic schedule.

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